Remembering Lisa Leslie’s 101 point performance in only 16 minutes

Remembering Lisa Leslie’s 101 point performance in only 16 minutes

Still to this day, casual NBA fans don’t know the name Lisa Leslie, but she is one of the best female basketball players that ever stepped on the basketball court. Leslie accumulated numerous accolades in her career, and we’ll name a few. She was a four-time Olympics gold medalist, 2-time WNBA champion, has 3 MVP awards, and 8 First team All-WNBA honors. Leslie had a successful career outside of basketball, publishing several books, being a sports commentator and analyst. She is also a partial owner of a WNBA team.

One of the most spectacular playing performances from a 6’5″ Leslie was back on February 7th in 1990, when she was still attending high school. Leslie was a dominant player even from an early age, and in one game, she scored 101 points in the first half of the game. Yeah, you’ve read it right. She scored 101 points in precisely 16 minutes. Leslie was playing for Inglewood Morningside High against South Torrance High, and in the first quarter, she came out scorching hot, scoring 49 points. That wasn’t enough, so she scored 52 more points in the second quarter. The only other player to score on her team had only 1 point in the first half. South Torrance High scored only 23 points during those two quarters. Leslie made 37 out of 56 shots and went 27 out of 35 from the free-throw line.

“The points I scored weren’t easy. There were not a whole lot of layups. They sent all five players after me the whole game, and I tried not to pay attention to it.”

The game ended faster than everybody expected since South Torrance’s coach rejected the idea of bringing his team out. He had four players available at the roster since two fouled out guarding Leslie. She asked the opposing coach to bring out the team so she can break the record held by Cheryl Miller, who scored 105 points in a game. That left Leslie heartbroken because she didn’t get the opportunity to get the record that was so close yet so far away.

“I was kind of heartbroken that I didn’t break the record,” Leslie said after the game.”

Epiphanny Prince would eventually break the record set by Cheryl Miller by scoring 113 points. There is no doubt Leslie would set a scoring record that would be hard to beat by anyone, especially since she was able to score 101 points in only 16 minutes. Nevertheless, she achieved extraordinary things in her career and is a real role model for any athlete out there.