Reggie “The Knick Killer” Miller

Reggie “The Knick Killer” Miller

Legendary Reggie Miller had one goal in his career, he had the mission of winning every game against the Knicks, so he got the nickname “The Knick Killer”. He showed that special inspiration against Knicks in 1995 in the first match of the Eastern Conference semifinals when he managed to score 8 points in 9 seconds.

Down seven, Mark Jackson was inbounding the ball. Reggie got the pass, turned, and fired from three – 105-102. With 16.4 seconds left, the Knicks were out of time-outs. Anthony Mason inbounded the ball, but Greg Anthony slipped which led to Reggie getting the ball again. Reggie didn’t hesitate long and let it fly from beyond the 3 point line – 105-105 with 13.2 seconds left

The Knicks inbounded and Sam Mitchell fouled Starks, the great free throw shooter. He walked to the line and missed both. Reggie grabbed the rebound and got fouled with 7.5 left. He walked to the line and made both – 107-105. Pacers win!

“It was crazy,” said Miller.”Again, so many things had to happen for us to win. You assume John will go one for two at the line. I was shocked he missed both. Neither team had any time-outs left, Mason taking the ball out, Greg slipping with me getting the ball and hitting the shot; Patrick getting that rebound and then taking the quick shot, that was surprising. Me getting the rebound. I wasn’t known for my rebounding.”

“I still smile thinking about it,” said Miller. “To do it in New York, on that stage, against them. It was us, Indiana, vs. them, New York, small market vs. the big market. That’s why I smile.”

The Pacers won the series in seven games to lose in the East Finals against Orlando led by Shaquille O’Neal and Penny Hardaway.

Remind yourself of one of the craziest finishes in NBA history that will be long remembered for the incredible 8 points of the Pacers legend Miller in 9 seconds.