Reggie Miller responds to Ray Allen giving him credit for setting the bar high for shooters in NBA

Reggie Miller responds to Ray Allen giving him credit for setting the bar high for shooters in NBA

Ray Allen and Reggie Miller are two of the best shooters to ever play in the NBA. Whenever someone mentions their names, scoring and outside shooting instantly come to mind. When Allen paid tribute to Miller for raising the bar high, the former Indiana Pacers forward responded by also citing another shooter, who, together with Allen, became great on their own.

Ray Allen pens tribute to Reggie Miller

In an Instagram post, Allen posted a photo of him while he was still with Milwaukee Bucks guarding Miller, along with this caption:

“I absolutely hated guarding @reggiemillertnt He was so good at moving without the ball and using his bigs(the Davis brothers) to set screens that it was impossible to stay with him. Even though I dreaded playing against him, I learned a lot from him. His example helped me shape who I was in the game. Shout out to my brother @reggiemillertnt for setting the bar for all of us shooters to follow in his footsteps and for being the competitor and warrior that he is. #pacers #bucks #💐”

Ray Allen, via Instagram

The respect is there, and fans can feel Allen puts Miller in high regard. Number 31 responds to the tribute by commenting on the post:

“I may have set the bar high, but you leaped frog dat bar my friend 👍🏾🤘🏾💪🏾.. Loved our battles because they became a mirror of myself in how you and @ripcity3232 became so GREAT with moving without the ball, long nights for me. Thank you for always respecting the game and giving back..”

Reggie Miller, via Instagram

Miller referred to another great off-the-screen and off-the-ball midrange shooter Rip Hamilton who was part of the Detroit Pistons team that won the championship in 2004. 

Head-to-head between two legendary shooters

Ray and Reggie shared many battles on the court in their careers. The Pacers legend holds a career 21-12 record, including 6-2 in the playoffs. On the other hand, Ray was able to win a ring with the Celtics and one with the Miami Heat, while Miller could only reach the NBA finals once and losing to Los Angeles Lakers in 2000.

The similarities in their games are endless. Both could shoot set shots from the rainbow country and could also sink perimeter jumpers, may it be off-the-ball, off-the-screen, and catch-and-shoot. Allen and Miller could go off anytime and did not need much space to get a shot off. The word pressure was not in their vocabulary and even demanded the ball during win-or-lose situations. 

When he was younger, Allen loved to dunk and even participated in the 1997 All-Star Dunk Contest. It’s another aspect of his game younger fans are not aware of. Those who watched him with the Celtics would only see him as a knock-down shooter and not a slasher or dunker he was with the Bucks and Seattle SuperSonics. 

Miller earned the reputation as the team’s closer and clutch player. How could anyone forget the choke taunt he had with New York Knicks superfan and director Spike Lee?

Miller proved to be a torn to many Knicks teams, and he even gave Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls a run for their money in his heydays. 

It’s nice to see that the former Boston Celtics champ is giving props to Miller now, and Reggie is also supporting Allen and Hamilton. Appreciating what others have done while they are still alive is always a good thing.