REGGIE MILLER ON DRAZEN PETROVIC being the best shooter in the NBA: ‘He is the best shooter I ever played against.’

REGGIE MILLER ON DRAZEN PETROVIC being the best shooter in the NBA: ‘He is the best shooter I ever played against.’

Reggie Miller always acknowledged there is only one player that is a better shooter than himself, and that was none other than the late great Drazen Petrovic. When such a legend, widely recognized as one of the best shooters in the league’s history, says something like that, there is no greater compliment.

During their short rivalry, they had multiple games where they tried to outplay each other on every single possession, and in one game specifically, they were going at each other all game long. In a game played on January 18, 1993, Drazen was so full of confidence that he told Miller what the Nets are going to do in the next three offensive plays. He told Miller where he is going to move and from which position he will take the shot. Even with that help, Miller could not stop Petro, and he hit three consecutive shots.

He talked so much during the game … I don’t like him.

Reggie Miller

Although Miller scored more than Petrovic (24-20) in that game, Petro led the Nets to the 100-97 win against the Pacers. Petrovic had a lot of respect for all the tough shots Miller made during the game. 

Reggie hit three or four threes when we covered his face with our hands. We all tried to make it harder for each of his points

Drazen Petrovic

During his short NBA career, Petrovic faced Miller in 13 games they played against each other. He won in seven games, and in four of those seven games, he was the best player on the Nets. What did Reggie find special about Drazen?

He is the best shooter I ever played against. I have never seen anything like it. Petrovic had the quickest release I’ve ever seen and what made him so unique is I prided myself on working off screens, and you know working of the big men coming off, he was just as good, and we talked about footwork, arguably one of the best guys with that footwork at the shooting guard position. He was my greatest rival.

Reggie Miller, via JrStudio

Petrovic was one of the first European players who made a name for himself in the NBA and inspired a new generation of foreign players that came to the league afterward. To this day, he is still remembered as one of the greatest and most efficient shooters, and a lot of the older players like Reggie Miller have nothing but respect for Petrovic.

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High praise, coming from Reggie

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