Rebellion in Phoenix

Rebellion in Phoenix

The Phoenix Suns are one of the most consistent franchises in NBA history. If you look at all active franchises, the Suns are 7th in All-Time win-loss records at 2167 – 1885 which means they won 53.5% of all games they played. Historically, they are a franchise with a winning record.

They never won an NBA championship, but the team had several eras that marked NBA history. From ’88-’92 it was the Kevin Johnson era with regular playoff appearances (55-27, 54-28, 55-27, 53-29). Then came Charles Barkley and the team made the playoffs every year, losing to the Bulls in the ’92/’93 Finals with MVP Charles Barley. Despite the loss, approximately 300,000 people celebrated the season in Phoenix. Then there were the “seven seconds or less” years, a team with Steve Nash, Shawn Marion, and Amare Stoudemire, coached by Mike D’Antoni that revolutionized the game. Steve Kerr was a GM for some of those years and always says one of his biggest regrets was not committing to the system and the style of play even more.

Recent memories are somewhat different. The Suns are one of the worst teams in the NBA for the last three years, and with no improvement in sight, the fans are sick of it. They are sick of it and are blaming the owner, Robert Sarver for all of the agony.

Sarver bought the team from Jerry Colangelo in 2004 when the Steve Nash era started, so his first few years were successful. After that, it was a constant decline and a lot of mind-boggling decisions. He is widely considered to be one of the worst owners in the league. ESPN analyst Amin Elhassan worked with the Suns, knows the organization, is full of praise for the people that work there and then there is the but:

Unlike other frustrated fanbases, the Suns fans are organizing on Reddit to make a stand. They know Sarver is the cause of their agony, the NBA says they are about the fans, and they are voicing their displeasure. SquatzMagoo started a thread and is calling on all the fans to meet him before tonight’s game and protest during the game. They plan to chant on the 7th minute of every quarter (via Reddit):

1st quarter: “This is OUR team!”

2nd quarter: “Sarver sucks!”

3rd quarter: “Sell the team!”

4th quarter: “SARVER OUT!”

During away team free throws we just yell: “Sell the team!”

Billions are at stake; one protest won’t change a thing. But, this may be the beginning of fans taking more agency, organizing and letting the league now they are the ones that buy the tickets and enough is enough.

Good luck guys!