Ray Allen weighs in on the “greatest shooter of all-time” debate
Reggie vs. Steph

Ray Allen weighs in on the “greatest shooter of all-time” debate

Ray Allen gave Steph Curry an Instagram shoutout after he had passed Reggie Miller for second-most career 3-pointers. Steph is now 411 threes behind Ray-Ray for the most in NBA history, as his case for the greatest shooter ever continues to build itself.

And while most would agree he’s already there, Allen is hesitant to say the same. Especially since Curry is far from your typical, catch-and-shoot marksman, we were used to seeing in the NBA.

I think it comes with categories when you talk about shooters. Steph is in a category of his own, the way he plays the game. When I think about shooters, someone like Klay Thompson comes to mind. He’s more in the realm of how I shot, how Reggie shot — coming off screens, moving without the ball. 

Ray Allen, CBS Sports

Curry not only revolutionized the way basketball is played but completely changed the approach teams and individuals have to shooting. Off dribble pull-ups, fastbreak threes, and pull-ups from the logo were all once described as terrible shots. Today, no NBA game is played without either of those, and it’s all due to the impact the Warriors had and is still having on the game of basketball.

However, it’s still not enough for Ray Allen to declare Curry the greatest shooter ever. The Hall of Famer might be a little bit biased here, but he went with another all-time great instead — the one who had the most impact on his game and the more archetypal choice by the NBA’s shooting standards.

Reggie is the GOAT because of the way he set the game up, the way he played the game. Obviously, I incorporated a lot of who he is into how I played. He was the standard-bearer. Without him, we don’t have a formula for moving forward. So that’s how I view it because it allowed me to do the things that I was capable of doing. 

Ray Allen, CBS Sports

One thing’s for sure; Reggie was much more relatable to Ray as a shooter than Steph is. And while Curry isn’t exclusively an off dribble shot-creator, he tends to use his incredible ball-handling ability to his advantage a lot more than Allen and Miller ever did.

That’s why Ray would rank the Pacers‘ icon higher than the Splash Brother. He rates coming off screens a lot more than the players ball-handling their way into a jump shot, and by that standard alone, he picks Reggie Miller as the best shooter in NBA history.

I would still go with Steph Curry.