Ray Allen talks about the brilliance of Jason Kidd: “I’m thinking to myself, what the hell just happened”

Ray Allen talks about the brilliance of Jason Kidd: “I’m thinking to myself, what the hell just happened”

When talking about all-time great floor generals, Jason Kidd often comes up in these conversations and rightfully so. Throughout his 19-year-long NBA career, Kidd accumulated a little over 12 thousand assists and established himself as one of the best true point guards in league history. On top of he was extremely versatile and was a walking triple-double in his prime on a nightly basis. Kidd’s brilliance on the basketball court was evident. Almost every team he played for was a championship contender, and you could say he made all of his teammates around him better.

The perfect example of how good Kidd was, especially when it came to pure playmaking ability, was a story that Ray Allen told when they were both teammates in the 2000 Olympics. As a member of Team USA, Ray Allen had the opportunity to be the main reciprocator of Kidd’s assists that found him in the right place at the right time. If you are a shooter, you know a great, accurate pass is what enables shooters to make those shots.

Allen remembered one game at the Olympics when Kidd found him for an open shot before he even knew he was open. Kidd threw a no-look pass that Allen wasn’t expecting, and to his surprise, he was wide open for a shot which he made. At that moment, Allen realized how good Kidd was and that all the stories he heard about him were true because he was able to experience that first hand.

We were playing in the Olympics. J-Kidd has the ball, and I’m running up the court, and I just knew I’m not getting the ball. I run to a spot trying to keep the spacing right, and the next thing I know, Kidd throws a no-look cross-court pass to me, and I’m shocked as hell. I was completely open. I knock down the three. I’m thinking to myself, what the hell just happen. J Kidd MADE me open. He found me when I didn’t even find myself. That’s how great of a passer he is.

Ray Allen

To this day, Kidd is ranked second only behind John Stockton on the all-time list for leaders in assists. When it comes to the playoff games, he is fourth all-time. Something that often gets forgotten is that he is second all-time in steals, which shows how versatile he was on both ends of the floor. Despite all the accomplishments he achieved throughout his career, Kidd will be remembered as one of the best pure point guards the league has ever seen, and this story by Ray Allen showcases that perfectly.

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