Ray Allen shares his favorite starting lineup out of all of the teammates from his NBA career

Ray Allen shares his favorite starting lineup out of all of the teammates from his NBA career

Ray Allen had one of the most illustrious basketball careers you can imagine, winning at all levels of competition and establishing himself as one of the greatest shooters of all time. Allen played for four teams in his career, and for all of them, made an incredible impact that led to two NBA championships.

Throughout his 18 year-long-career, Ray played against and with numerous great players, HOF’s and All-Stars. In a recent interview for the Knuckleheads podcast, Allen shared his favorite starting lineup out of all the teammates; he shared a locker room in his career. I have to admit his selection was a bit surprising but interesting nevertheless.

I’m taking Glenn Robinson. I’m taking Terrell Brandon because that man used to get the mid-range game and split the pick n roll like it’s nobody’s business. I played with Shaq, so it would be unfair to put Shaq in there as well, but it’s easy to say Shaq. I’m going to say Shaq, and I will say KG.

Ray Allen, via The Players Tribune

The majority of fans would probably suspect Allen would choose LeBron, Wade, or Pierce, but he instead went with Glenn Robinson and Terrell Brandon who were legitimate ball players back in the day. Robinson was one of the best small forwards in the league in the ’90s, while Brendon was a legitimate undersized point guard that could light up any team in NBA with 20-25 points.

It’s excellent that Allen gives respect to some of these very underrated players, for which some of the younger fans probably never heard off, even though they had several great years in the NBA. Allen also mentioned Shaq and Garnett as other teammates he wants in his starting lineup, making perfect sense if you wish to have two dominant big men in the paint.

That starting lineup looks impressive, and Allen is convinced they would never lose a game. It’s also a testament of Allen’s greatness, who had the opportunity to be teammates with so many notable NBA players in his illustrious career.