Ray Allen describes his shooting routine

Ray Allen describes his shooting routine

Ray Allen will probably stay the NBA leading three-point shooter for another season or two after Stephen Curry makes his comeback. Despite all the accolades, still to this day, when thinking about the league’s best shooters, people often first think of Ray Allen’s name. His shooting was pure poetry in motion, and because of it, he was able to win numerous games and a couple of championships throughout his career.

The interesting thing about Allen was that he was very methodical in his approach to practice. Ever since he came to the NBA, Allen knew if he wants to be one of the best to do it, he would have to improve daily and that his talent won’t be enough. During years he built up his knowledge and experience on the best approach of improving his shooting and often saw that a lot of players are not doing it correctly. Allen said shooting the ball is all about having stability and strength in the lower body while being completely in sync with the ball.

“You see, guys walk in the gym, and they kind of mess around and shot. They are never game shots. My warm-ups are free-throws. That is where I work on my release. Shooting for me is not about my upper body, it’s really about my lower body, so when I’m shooting the ball like I need to, I jump in one motion. I always know why I missed it. Short legs, long aim. I can always tell right away.”

Allen was so methodical in his approach that he could immediately tell if he is going to miss the shot. On top of that, he was extremely fast in releasing the ball. That was a nightmare for any player that was assigned to guard him on the perimeter. Allen knew if all the things he practiced for aligned, his defender would wish he never played in that game.

“You have to turn your body and feet at the same time and still coming into your shot and going up as you are standing there. If all those things are equal, then a guy that is guarding me is in for a long night.”