RARE FOOTAGE Michael Jordan’s charity dunk contest

RARE FOOTAGE Michael Jordan’s charity dunk contest

Michael Jordan joined the slam-dunk Hall of Fame with consecutive wins at 1987 & 1988 NBA All-Star slam dunk contests in Seattle and Chicago. But MJ also showcased his incredible slam-dunking skills at various off-season events such as the Midsummer charity games. Back in the summer of 1989, MJ astonished the fired-up crowd at the University of Alabama Birmingham packed up gym!

One of the most memorable signature dunks from MJ’s repertoire was certainly the free-throw line dunk. Doing it in both the 1987 & 1988 NBA All-Star slam dunk contest, in his most unique style, Flight 23 reached global fame. Moreover, he became the first NBA player who did it since Julius Dr.J Erving in the 1984 NBA All-Star slam dunk contest at Denver, Colorado.

The informal slam dunk contest at UAB opened as with a light warm-up drill. Soon enough, the four contestants accelerated going up for more and more complex dunks.

After Jordan made his signature tomahawk dunk, the informal contest had officially begun. With his rivals soaring for very nice dunks, MJ felt motivated enough and went up for the spectacular windmill, with his head sideways to the rim. In the third round, Jordan made his patented two-handed cradle dunk, earning the chants from the crowd.

Then His Airness went to the half court and quietly asked for a ball. He accelerated in his fashion from the left-wing and leaped for a spectacular double-pump jam, reminiscing of the one which helped him win his 1987 NBA All-Star Game ‘crown’ in Seattle. Then MJ went on another level and, as expected, did his super-flying act.

First, Jordan asked a kid who was sitting just under the basket to assist him by standing at the free-throw line, presumably to make a marking. That way, MJ didn’t have to look down where the line was.

Then, he went up for three slams, just inside the free-throw line. After the third one, one of the contestants walked over to Jordan and showed him that he was just inside the charity stripe.

Up next, on the other basket, MJ tried to do some of the Dominique Wilkins’ stuff, double-pump between the legs! But he didn’t make it! Seemingly acting mad at himself, he earned the laugh from the large crowd in the gym. He then successfully repeated the sideways flying power dunk from the left side.

Surprisingly, Jordan then again used some of the Wilkins’ stuff from the 1988 competition, as he alternated a 360 two-handed power dunk into a 360 one-handed power from both feet! MJ ended his exceptionally motivating appearance with a patented double-pump cradle from the right side!