Raptors fans cheered when KD went down

Raptors fans cheered when KD went down

Kevin Durant went down with an Achilles injury at the beginning of the second quarter. Almost every fan watching was in shock. We knew he wasn’t a 100%, but it was still shocking to see him go down and grab the same leg that kept him off the courts for a month — almost every fan.

A significant amount of fans in the arena (and allegedly in Jurrasic Park) started cheering when it became obvious KD re-aggravated his injury. Players from both teams gestured to fans that weren’t acceptable, and the arena soon started to chant KD’s name in support while he was helped off the court. 

Klay wasn’t the only one with such a reaction. A lot of players online shared his sentiment and called out the fans that cheered his injury. One can understand the heat of the moment and be competitive, but when you see someone go down, this shouldn’t be your first reaction.

Props to Raptors players and staff who immediately stopped the crowd and showed support for KD during the game and in the press conferences after the game. Curry also pointed out he doesn’t think this represents all Toronto fans:

I’ve lived here, really enjoyed the people, they’re passionate about the game. I’m very confused with their reaction. It’s not my experience with people of this city and I commend Danny Green and Kyle Lowry especially, I think they were the ones kind of saying to the crowd ‘Let’s check ourselves a little bit.

Not a good look for Toronto, this one will stick for a long time.