Randy Moss sends an emotional message speaking about Kobe Bryant

Randy Moss sends an emotional message speaking about Kobe Bryant

The tragic helicopter accident in which Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and seven other people lost their lives shocked the entire world. During ESPN’s show Remembering Kobe Bryant, former NFL star Randy Moss shared his condolences and, at the same time delivered one of the most emotional messages about Kobe ever since he passed away.

Despite being an NFL superstar, Moss is a renowned basketball fan and was close to choosing basketball over football at one point in his life. He is almost the same generation as Kobe Bryant and was able to follow Bryant ever since he came in the NBA straight from high-school. Moss described Bryant as one of the greatest athletes of this generation who unfortunately died too young.

“Kobe Bryant was one of the greatest athletes of our generation. Here comes a young kid straight out of high school and being able to get to the NBA and show us everything we are doing in the backyard, trying to emulate arguably the greatest basketball player. He put a stamp on this world, not just as basketball but as a whole. To have a man like that gone at such a young age.”

Moss got emotional talking about Bryant, saying that his entire household will forever respect everything he did for the game of basketball. He also believes Bryant is the greatest basketball player that ever lived despite the fact Moss is a big Michael Jordan fan. A lot of people would assume he is saying that only because of Bryant’s tragic death, but he stated everyone can check his resume in which he previously described Bryant as the best basketball player to ever live.

“I am a big Michael Jordan fan, but when I say it’s mamba forever. If you take politics out of professional sports, I say, Kobe Bryant, to me, is the best and the greatest basketball player, and I’m not saying this since he isn’t here. You can check my resume. I love the game of basketball, and Kobe Bryant is the greatest basketball player and no disrespect to any other greats out there. The greatest basketball player I’ve ever seen dribble a basketball is Kobe Bean Bryant, and God rest his soul.”