Rajon Rondo on how the mid-season trade rumors affected some of the Los Angeles Lakers players

Rajon Rondo on how the mid-season trade rumors affected some of the Los Angeles Lakers players

It was pretty obvious the Los Angeles Lakers were to some degree a dysfunctional team last season. The problems got even worse during the midseason and the trade talks surrounding numerous players on the roster. The Lakers were chasing Anthony Davis but eventually failed and now the entire organization is going in a pretty strange direction.

Rajon Rondo who joined the Lakers last season shared how those things can affect young players who are often glorified in the media as being important pieces for the team. However, everybody also knows the NBA is a strictly business-oriented league and loyalty is rare.

He also explained what young players go through during that process, especially since they are teammates of the most popular basketball player in the world at this moment.

“Every guy on our team, LeBron was their favorite player growing up. Everyone had the shoes, his jersey. You’re the biggest fan in the world.

It’s like you’re playing with MJ, and then you get there, and it’s like your mom and dad, or the person that you looked up to and idolized, doesn’t want you. And then to have that sitting in your gut, not knowing.

Guys aren’t at the age where they can have a man-to-man conversation versus texting you. Everybody wants to text you: ‘How you doing? We cool?’ People don’t understand how to have a real conversation and talk out problems.

Even some of the old guys were affected. I can’t say a name, but I remember me and the guy were on the bench for the Atlanta game right before the break. The guy was cussing and talking bad about the situation during the game. I was like: ‘Snap out of it. That shit is over with. We’ll get through it. As vets, we have to move forward and not focus on what the young guys are focusing on. Set an example.’ It was a little crazy to see a vet distraught over that.”