Rajon Rondo has some of the strangest pre-game rituals out of any NBA player

Rajon Rondo has some of the strangest pre-game rituals out of any NBA player

At the age of 33, Rajon Rondo is back playing on a team contending for a championship and the Los Angeles Lakers will definitely need his experience and basketball IQ. Rondo was changing teams for the past couple of seasons but the Lakers decided to keep him for another season despite changing almost half of their roster during the free-agency.

Rondo was always known as one of the most brilliant point guards of the last decade, someone who’s main goal is always to involve his teammates rather than himself. Something that is not so known among common fans is that Rondo has very specific routines before basketball games, practices and in his personal life as well.

“Rondo takes five showers on game days, the last one precisely 45 minutes before tip-off, because he does his best thinking in the water. He jumps out to scribble ideas, which can present problems, since he is a germaphobe who hates being barefoot. He keeps three or four pairs of shower shoes in his locker. “I’m a little OCD”. He guzzles five bottles of water on the drive to the arena so he doesn’t have to bother with Gatorade cups on the bench, and he tucks a tube of Carmex in his sock to keep his lips hydrated. The company sends hundreds of refills before each season, helpful considering how many teammates ask for a dollop. Rondo dispenses it on their fingertips.”

Rondo’s workout routines are also carefully planned and during his days with the Boston Celtics, he often involved his teammates into those routines. Guys like Kevin Garnett and Kendrick Perkins.

“His routine is carefully choreographed, from the sky-scraping lob he launches in pregame layup lines to the opening dribble off his head or chest or knee. Garnett used to corral the tip from Perkins and hike it between his legs to Rondo. “

Even though he is not the main star on the Lakers squad, if Rondo stays healthy and motivated he can still give them competitive advantage in crucial moments of big games, especially the ones in the playoffs. Even though he is 33, Rondo is still in superb shape and can provide 15-20 solid minutes on any given night. He might even involve some of his new teammates into the routine he previously had with Garnett and Perk.