Raja Bell thinks it’s ridiculous not ranking Kobe Bryant as an all-time Top 10 player

The Bleacher Report recently published its list for the top 50 players in NBA history and the rankings came as a bit of surprise to a lot of people. The biggest amount of controversy was for the top 20 players in NBA history and one of the things that raised a lot of eyebrows is the fact they put Kobe Bryant on the 14th spot while at the same ranking Stephen Curry as the 10th best player in league history.

On the CBS Sports show Kanell & Bell,Bryant’s former rival Raja Bell commented on the list and said he doesn’t believe they left out Kobe Bryant out of the top 10. Bell had several heated situations with Bryant while often being the main player in charge of trying to stop him. However, that didn’t stop him from defending Kobe on this occasion saying he definitely deserves being in the top 10 especially if you look at the numbers but also the legacy he left behind.

“That’s utter ridiculousness. I include Kobe in the top 10. Steph Curry is a great player and I’m a Steph Curry fan. It’s ridiculous if you don’t have Kobe Bryant in the top 10. This has to be some kind of analytical nerd type of approach to ranking top tens. I don’t know how the numbers don’t support him being in there when you use those types of metrics to quantify it.”

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