Raja Bell remembers when Shaq pulled a prank in practice by showing a video of BigFoot

Raja Bell remembers when Shaq pulled a prank in practice by showing a video of BigFoot

Shaquille O’Neal is known as someone who has a big personality and is always ready to crack jokes, mostly at other people’s expenses. Shaq was always larger than life, and his interest in other things that are not basketball-related was one of the things that potentially stopped him from being an even greater player, despite the fact he is already considered the most dominant player in NBA history. His working habits when he was a player were questionable, but Shaq always showed up when it mattered the most, and his big personality made up for pretty much everything.

There are countless hilarious stories about Shaq and the pranks he did behind closed doors with his teammates. During a recent appearance on The Ringer podcast, former NBA player Raja Bell remembered a time when they were both teammates in Phoenix, and Shaq was late for practice. Usually, when that happens, you apologize to your teammates, and you just move on. However, Shaq said the reason for him being late was that he saw a bigfoot in the desert and got it on tape. Everybody came together to see if that is really true, and obviously, it was all a scam by Shaq.

He came in and said he saw a sasquatch in the desert. I saw a bigfoot; there was a bigfoot. My man had someone film him, and we didn’t know it at the time. It was a grainy, blurry video of a desert at dusk, and the lighting is poor. This is a big f***ing figure walking like bigfoot would walk in some of those fake videos. Everybody is huddled around, and we are like, this isn’t god damn bigfoot. That is your big a** walking through the desert. He set the whole st up.

Raja Bell, via The Ringer

You have to admit it; that is a good prank, especially when you take into account he actually put some time into filming and editing. Amin Elhassan, who was also on the show, said Shaq has an interest in many things and is a very deep and fascinating person. Even though he was always ready for a joke or a prank when it came game time, he was ready to go, and his resume speaks for itself. On top of that, having such a vibrant personality helped him along the way to becoming one of the most influential NBA players today.