“Rainbow – trainer’s lap!”

“Rainbow – trainer’s lap!”

Larry Bird’s trash-talking is legendary because he would back up the talk with plays in a ridiculous percentage. Just as we thought we covered all the famous Bird trash-talking episodes, a new one pops up. And we’ve been covering them, trust me.

There’s the one when he told Dominique “You don’t belong in this league holmes” and dropped 39 on him. The one when Chuck Pearson said he was going “bird hunting” for Christmas so Larry wished him a “Merry fuc*** Christmas” after draining a three in front of the Indiana bench. The one when rookie Reggie Miller trash-talked him during free throws so Larry told him “Rook, I am the best f*cking shooter in the league. In the league, understand? And you’re up here trying to f*cking tell me something?

There’s also the time he welcomed Rodney Rodgers with a “Welcome to the parachute club rookie.” We can’t forget when Bird made sure the Suns make it home, told them “Your bus is at three, you guys are going home., drained a buzzer three, turned to the bench and said, “Told you so!When Chuck Daly put young Dennis Rodman on him Bird just turned to coach Daly and said “Who’s guarding me, Chuck? Is anyone guarding me? You better get someone on me or I’m gonna go for 60.with Rodman standing right there.

For crying out loud, when Bird retired Michael Jordan had a sigh of relief and told Larry Legend “Larry, I hear that you’re retiring. Thank goodness. I’m glad. I’m tired of seeing your face.” It’s harder to find a player who doesn’t have Bird memories. The last one in the long lineage is Doc Rivers.

Rivers played for the Hawks and Bird was having one of his nights. It was so absurd that the Hawks bench started watching the game from their court seats as if they forgot Bird was playing for the other team. With each point, they were losing their minds more and more, and then this happened.

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If you have to come up with "trainer's lap" because regular trash-talking just doesn't do it for you anymore, then you are the GOAT of trash-talking

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Larry Bird, the GOAT of trash-talking.