Potential MVP’s will battle it out in tonight’s game between the Warriors and the Nuggets

Potential MVP’s will battle it out in tonight’s game between the Warriors and the Nuggets

Tonight the Denver Nuggets are once again playing against the Golden State Warriors after a tough loss that happened exactly ten days ago. In that game, Jamal Murray suffered a season-ending knee injury, which at first made everybody think the Nuggets’ chances to make the playoffs will be extremely difficult moving forward. However, ever since that loss, the Nuggets are playing great basketball, winning four straight games led by their MVP candidate Nikola Jokic.

The Joker is having a career season, averaging 26.4 points, 11 rebounds, and almost 9 assists per game, showcasing incredible versatility while showing improvements on defense which was one of the flaws in his game, culminating in Jokic presently being a massive favorite for MVP, according to Sports Betting Dime. The Nuggets are currently in the fourth spot in a very competitive Western Conference and, despite losing Murray, they are playing great basketball with other players stepping in big time.

On the other hand, the Warriors have won 3 out of 5 games after their last game against the Nuggets, and Stephen Curry is the main reason they are still relevant in the NBA. Curry is showcasing he is still a legitimate MVP candidate and just like Jokic having a career year in terms of production. Steph is leading the NBA in scoring, averaging 31 points per game to go alongside six assists and 5.5 rebounds per game. He made a lot of noise in the last week when he averaged 40 points per game, making all types of crazy shots showcasing why many fans already think of him as the greatest shooter of all time.

This particular matchup will be intriguing because both teams need as many wins as possible before the playoffs start, especially the Warriors, who are only one win away from being 8th seed in the western conference. Despite not having Murray, the Nuggets are favorites to win this game simply because they don’t have anybody on their roster that can successfully cover Jokic. Unfortunately for the Warriors, James Wiseman is out with an injury, and they’ll either double team Jokic or hope he has an off game tonight.

The Nuggets, on the other hand, can only hope Curry doesn’t have one of those nights where he scores 40 or 50 points because only then are the Nuggets in big trouble. Curry has the authority to fire at will, and if he feels shots are falling, he will not hesitate to go all out if necessary and try to go for 50. The Warriors supporting cast is struggling offensively, and many believe they are only able to win games if Curry has one of those nights when he is scoring at least 30 points.

We hope for an exciting game, but the Nuggets have a slight edge over the Warriors, primarily because of Jokic, making his name heard for the MVP honors. On the other hand, the Warriors will have to rely on Curry, and if others come true with big games, even better, but this will be a direct matchup between two MVP candidates, and we are definitely in for a threat in tonight’s game.