“Porzingis will become a Hall of Famer”

“Porzingis will become a Hall of Famer”

We thought the Western Conference was tough to figure out last season, and then free agency happened. With Kawhi and Paul George becoming Clippers, Westbrook joining Harden in Houston and Anthony Davis finally landing in Lakerland, it is easy to forget that we will finally see Kristaps Porzingis back, this time in a Dallas jersey next to Luka Dončić.

The Mavericks (again) didn’t manage to land a big star in free agency but the Porzingis trade put them in a position to surround their two young stars with complementary pieces. It just so happened they started the era of duos months before the rest (not by design). The playing field leveled out a bit and their main question mark is Porzingis’ health and level of play. 

To remind you, the last time Porzingis played an NBA game Nick Foles was celebrating his Superbowl MVP after the Eagles won against the Patriots in Minneapolis, Zion Williamson was still in high school and God’s Plan was no.1 on the charts. This was 592 days ago. So what kind of expectations should we have? Here’s Dave McMenamin on The Jump:

“I’ve spoken to someone who’s trained Kristaps Porzingis. He has trained other NBA stars, MVP’s, All-Stars. He said he (Porzingis) is truly special, ‘I believe he will be in the hall of fame.'”

On that same episode, Richard Jefferson pointed out that as Luka and Kristaps are being compared with Nash and Dirk, in his mind Kristaps Porzingis is a much better defender than Dirk. Porzingis should be perceived as an impactful two-way player and the Mavericks as a serious playoff contender.

As it is often in the NBA, if they were in the East we wouldn’t be talking if they would make the playoffs, but what would be their seed. It’s truly time for a top 16 playoffs reform.