2018 Playoff Race – Possible eliminations for Monday’s games

2018 Playoff Race – Possible eliminations for Monday’s games

We’re heading into a wild night in the NBA, with 9 games on and a lot of it is in stake for many teams. There are a lot of implications in Monday’s action.

With a win over the Knicks, who’s fans are already hoping for The King’s arrival in the Big Apple next summer, Cavs will clinch a division title once again.

After losing most of their core players in the last couple of years, Miami Heat are back in playoffs under a very strong coaching presence from Eric Spoelstra and a very solid team play. With a win over OKC and their MVP candidate Russell Westbrook, Miami can clinch a division title.

New Orleans Pelicans can finally reach the playoffs if they win vs Clippers who are already out of playoff contention. However, if both Denver and Minnesota lose they are still among the top 8 teams in the West.

San Antonio Spurs are having the worst regular season in 20 years with only 46 wins and without Kawhi Leonard. However, the Spurs are continuing to be in a playoff race, and with a win over Kings, they clinch another post regular season in their books. Same as for Pelicans if, Minnesota and Denver both lose they are also in the top 16 NBA teams.

OKC can clinch a new playoff race if they beat Miami Heat, and as for the first 2 games, they are also in if Denver or Minnesota lose tonight.

Minnesota can finally reach a playoff birth after those good ole KG days if they beat the horrible Memphis. They are also in the playoffs if Denver loses and San Antonio wins.

Denver is an interesting young team with a lot of potential to match up against pretty much any team out there. The only way they can be eliminated from the 2018 postseason if they lose by the Blazers and Spurs, and wins from the Spurs, Pelicans, OKC, and Minnesota.

A lot of teams’ faiths are decided tonight, especially of the ones on the Wild West. If you’re an NBA fan, you are definitely heading into an interesting Monday night with a lot of action in every single game.