“Players I talk to never say anything good about Rick Carlisle”

“Players I talk to never say anything good about Rick Carlisle”

Rick Carlisle is regarded as one of the best coaches in the NBA. The fact this will be his 11th consecutive season as the Mavericks head coach says enough about the quality of his work. Like any other coach, Carlisle has his blind spots, and his relationship building with players is most often mentioned in that category.

The Mavericks were never big on the draft, and a part of it could be they don’t have a coach known for nurturing and developing young players. For a player to develop, you need to give him time to make mistakes and play through them. Can you think of a young player that Carlisle developed in his program that is not from Würzburg, Germany? He is an old school coach, and not a lot of millennials know how to deal with such coaching. Mavericks owner Mark Cuban says things have changed (via The Ringer):

“Rick is a lot more touchy-feely … just a lot lower key. He’s always demanding and detail oriented, but Rick is smart. He recognizes where the Mavs are in our life cycle. We’re the Gen Z Mavs.”

This was news for Kendrick Perkins, who said this was the first time he7s heard a compliment directed at Rick Carlisle. Perk is plugged into the players’ community as a lot of players see him as a big brother figure. That image prolonged his career as he was brought in just for his locker room presence. According to Perkins, Carlisle has a lot of work to do (via The Jump):

“Former players that I’d tackled to that played for him, they never said anything good about him. So Marc Cuban, way to keep sticking up for your guy.”

One of the reasons why Carlisle made it that long was the fact Dirk never had a problem with his coaching. Everyone else had to get in line or hit the road. If he wants to keep coaching the Mavs, he has to find the same thing with Luka primarily, and Porzingis secondarily.

If not, he will be logging in a one-way flight with his plane.