Pippen on MJ: “Our friendship is not where people see it on TV”

Pippen on MJ: “Our friendship is not where people see it on TV”

An excerpt from Scottie Pippen’s upcoming book “Unguarded” caught many people off guard. But judging by his most recent interview, the Hall of Famer is far from done.

Pippen’s friendship with MJ

Pip revealed many things in his book — from feeling like “nothing more than a prop,” to criticizing MJ for being the only Chicago Bull to make money off “The Last Dance.” During an interview with Michael Strahan of Good Morning America, the 6-time NBA champion expanded on it while revealing the truth about his friendship with MJ.

It wasn’t what you saw on the court. We always will have that respect for each other but our friendship is not where people see it on TV.

Scottie Pippen, Good Morning America

It’s not surprising Pippen admitted that the two are not that close off the court — many former teammates and rivals say Jordan wasn’t the easiest to hang around as well. But as professionals, when they went to war every game and competed for every championship with the Chicago Bulls during the 90s, it seemed like MJ and Pippen were inseparable. So why is he throwing so much shade at his former teammate?

Promotional campaign

Pippen is in the middle of his promotional campaign for the book, and so far, he’s nailed it. For some fans, Pip did not need to twist things to make it more interesting or start a verbal boxing match with former players. His name and his career will forever be associated with the Bulls and MJ. Pippen will always be known as the ultimate second option, the supporting actor that deserved the best actor award, and the player who could be one of the most underappreciated ever.

However, despite the massive success of The Last Dance documentary, the Hall of Fame small forward couldn’t stay quiet anymore. So he used the book to criticize Jordan’s project and how everyone else besides him was portrayed.

The focus of the show was MJ, so naturally, the story revolved around him. Pippen wanted equal recognition or compensation for allowing themselves to be filmed during the 1998 season. He even called his former partner “condescending.” 

Pip may have a point; there would be no Bulls dynasty without him or the rest of their teammates. But what he failed to recognize is that the documentary needs to be advertised and promoted the way he is promoting “Unguarded” – the more controversial it gets, the better. Fans will buy the book because of what’s in it. Let’s hope it turns out to be a massive success so Pippen can say the end really did justify the means.