Pippen, McGrady, and Pierce think LeBron still has to prove himself

Pippen, McGrady, and Pierce think LeBron still has to prove himself

A discussion about LeBron’s legacy is always a hot topic to debate. Some think he has done already enough to be considered the greatest ever, some think it is already over for that, as he has had too many failures in his career, while some think there is still time to prove his case and improve on his legacy if he wants to be considered the GOAT.

James himself thinks that he has done enough in his illustrious career so far and doesn’t need to prove himself anymore, winning 3 titles in 9 Finals appearances, as his chapter with the Lakers is only icing on the cake of his career that can possibly improve his legacy and not harm it.

But the crew on ESPN’s The Jump debated this topic, as they disagreed with LeBron. NBA legends Scottie Pippen, Tracy McGrady and Paul Pierce all shared their points of view.

Scottie Pippen:

I think it’s legit to some degree. You don’t come play for the Lakers unless you’re turning on the title, because they shop and they shop heavy and they go get the groceries that they want. They are normally able to get it. So LeBron seems like he realized this trade wasn’t going to go through.

Paul Pierce:

He says to everyone else he doesn’t have anything to prove, but I believe LeBron wants to be recognized as the greatest player that ever played and in that sense he does have something to prove. He’s just not going to come out and say it…but in order to be the goat …there’s some things some more things we believe he still has to do .

Tracy McGrady:

We talking about the most prestigious franchises in our game, look at all the players that have come through the greatness of you know the Jerry West, Kareem, the Magic’s, those that they all won championships. Kobe, Shaq… LeBron is arguable, he’s one of the greatest of all-time right and he’s been the best player in our league for 10-plus years… he hasn’t won a championship when he put on that Lakers uniform

As LeBron said before he is chasing the ghost from Chicago aka Michael Jordan. Although LeBron felt he caught it and said he is the GOAT in the euphoria of winning the 2016 title, it seems that if he wants to achieve that he has to win in the purple and gold jersey.