Pierce’s solution for the All-Star weekend

Pierce’s solution for the All-Star weekend

All-Star weekend has been boring for quite some time now. An event that’s amazing for employees of teams and the league office more so than the fans. In the ear of DNP-rest, this is not a competitive game at all.

The changes with team captains selecting rosters brought some intrigue, but we saw LeBron selecting all free agents to do some GM recruiting and Giannis selecting Embiid, Towns, Davis and Aldrige. Not good.

If he were the commissioner for a day (which was the name of the segment he was on), Paul Pierce would address this issue in a few ways, all of them targeting the right thing – lack of motivation.

Pierce’s favorite part of All-Star weekend is the dunk contest. He would get Ferrari or Bentley to give a car as an award – something the players can really brag about. In addition to that, The Truth would bring a selection of dunk specialists outside of the NBA in the contest as well. That way NBA players would be defending the NBA reputation AND playing for a kickass car.

He suggests the same for all the other contests as well, the skills challenge and the 3pt contest. Scout the world for the best ballers and shooters out there and make it an NBA vs. World thing.

While a similar solution would probably increase motivation, something like the US vs. international players in the actual game itself, it would go against the spirit and purpose of selecting All-Stars.

For that, we just have to hope we get a few Patrick Beverly type players in there, out to prove they belong and making it a competitive affair.