Pierce says Kyrie deserves “the loudest boos in league history”

Pierce says Kyrie deserves “the loudest boos in league history”

On Wednesday, 27th, the Brooklyn Nets are playing the Celtics in TD Garden. That’s the first time Kyrie is back in town after the dramatic way he left. A lot of Celtics fans would add “and imploded our season.” The Nets announced he would miss at least the next three games – you guessed it, the one in Boston is the third one.

Many have tried to guess what the reason will be: DNP – Nose ring appointment, DNP – Flat Earth Convention, or maybe DNP: Figuring out what the government means. We are sad to report it will just be the lingering shoulder injury that Kyrie has been dealing with. It is quite convenient that he will miss the game in Boston but will probably be ready for the game vs. the Celtics in Brooklyn two days later on Friday.

But even if Kyrie is in the arena, sitting on the bench in street clothes, he can expect a Boston welcome back. There’s no reason for him not to, as a person as zen and centered as Kyrie doesn’t put much stock into what Boston fans think. He made that clear when he said he “doesn’t owe sh– to anybody.” Paul Pierce does not doubt how this will turn out for Kyrie:

This is Boston folks. When you tell these fans “Hey, I’m gonna re-sign, I’ll be back, I’m here for the long run,” and then you turn around and leave. … This is going to be one of the loudest boos in league history.

Boston fans are one of the most passionate fans in the NBA, and they will not let this go smoothly. But while Kyrie may say he doesn’t care what people think about him, he surely values the opinions of Hall of Famers. All NBA players do. So the way Pierce finished his monologue on Kyrie and Boston may sting:

This has never happened, a player of his caliber saying “I’ll be back,” and leave. This has never happened. When has that happened of a player of his caliber? It’s never happened. He deserves it.”