Pierce praises Giannis for staying, burns LeBron and KD

Pierce praises Giannis for staying, burns LeBron and KD

You’ve heard it by now; Shams broke the news – Giannis Antetokounmpo is signing a $228 million supermax extension that will keep him in Milwaukee until 2025. The largest contract in NBA history is great news for the city of Milwaukee and all well run NBA organizations. It’s not about market size; it’s about being a great franchise.

What tipped the scale? In the end, the love and sense of loyalty Giannis has for Milwaukee made it impossible for him to sign anywhere else. He’s not the type that craves a big market, and the chance the Bucks gave him as a skinny kid from Greece is paying dividends. Paul Pierce loves the move.

Pierce is right, apart from a small detail. Giannis still hasn’t won a championship in Milwaukee. I’ve said it before – if he wins one with the Bucks, it’ll mean more for his legacy than a few on a superteam somewhere else. The Truth loves the move because it reminds him of the mentality old school players had.

That’s the sign of an old school player mentality. When I hear him speak in his interviews, he doesn’t go work out with other superstars; he doesn’t want to be friends with them. He’s engulfed himself in Milwaukee, and he said, “I’mma build my legacy right here.”

Paul Pierce, The Jump

Signing for 228 million didn’t hurt either. Giannis has an opt-out on his final year and a 15% trade kicker, so let’s keep it real. This could very well be a Paul George in Oklahoma situation. He signed the extension with an understanding ownership will be OK with a trade request if things don’t go as planned in a year or two. But even if that scenario happens, which I hope it doesn’t, this is a major win for Milwaukee and the Bucks.

Amin Elhassan pointed it out; his love and loyalty for Milwaukee may have tipped the scale on the decision, but the Bucks got into that position because everything else was covered. They are a well-run organization, and Giannis staying proves that’s key.

Ripple effects

A lot of teams (Mavs, Heat, Raptors, Lakers, Warriors) were setting their books up for Giannis. With that off the table, for the time being, all these teams will go to their plan B. For a lot of teams, that may be James Harden. He’s a superstar under contract for a few years. Reports have Harden expanding his list of desired destinations every few days, and that list may become a bit longer today.