Paul Pierce’s „Wheelchair“ Game

Paul Pierce’s „Wheelchair“ Game

When the Celtics big 3 formed in 2007, there was only one goal in their mind — a championship. And Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen managed to get to the Finals in 2008, where they would face the Celtics all-time rival the Los Angeles Lakers led by Kobe Bryant.

But then in Game 1, a scary event for Celtics fans occurred, as their leader Paul Pierce went down. While leading 60-58 in the third quarter, Paul Pierce fell down, as at first sight, it seemed like he landed at Kendrick Perkins foot.

The Celtics crowd was holding their breath as Pierce had to be carried off the court and eventually put into a wheelchair. He was holding his knee, and everybody in the building thought he was done, as the Celtics project was about to crash.

But just a few minutes later Pierce was hopping back into the arena, as the TD Garden went crazy. The momentum switched up, and when Pierce went back into the game, he took over. He hit back to back threes and led his team to the victory in Game 1, as the Celtics went on to win the championship in 6 games with Pierce winning Finals MVP.

At the time this seemed like an all-time memorable moment, but it has become a subject of ridicule, as there have been a lot of rumors about the event. Many people don’t believe that just moments after apparently being injured and put into a wheelchair, he went back into the game without any trouble, without limping and looking as healthy as ever.

Another crazy rumor that was going around is that Pierce pooped himself when he fell down and used the wheelchair to get out of the arena without anybody noticing. It would make sense because Pierce looked like a new man when he came back to the game, but it is a little bit too crazy to confirm. Definitely one of the weirdest conspiracy theories in the history of the NBA.