Paul Pierce thinks the Clippers have more “mental toughness” than the Lakers

Paul Pierce thinks the Clippers have more “mental toughness” than the Lakers

The highly expected game between the Clippers and the Lakers was a real Christmas treat for all the NBA fans. Both teams were healthy and came ready to play in what it felt like a playoff-type game. There were a lot of lead changes during the game with Lakers, even leading by 14 points. The Clippers were resilient, and Kawhi was playing like a real MVP tonight, scoring 35 points and grabbing 12 rebounds in a win over their rivals. That was the second time the Lakers lost to the Clippers this season, which is a sign of a potential problem, especially if they meat each other in the playoffs.

The Clippers showed they have ways of slowing down LeBron, who is the floor general for the Lakers. They were also tougher than the Lakers on a lot of possessions. The Clippers had more quality than the team in purple and gold, and that evident in the game last night. Paul Pierce, who joined the Sports Center crew, said the Lakers lacked the mental toughness to take down the Clippers. He also thinks Kawhi and the coaching staff make a big difference between the two teams.

“Both teams were healthy tonight. Both teams not on their best, but Clippers feel like they have an edge, but they do have an edge. They have the Finals MVP; they have a coaching advantage – I believe – and they just got more mental toughness than the Lakers. The Lakers can learn something from this. They know they gotta get tougher if they want to beat the Clippers down the road in the playoffs. “

The Lakers lost four in a row against, all of which are coming from teams that are playoff, championship-caliber teams. The Nuggets are currently the second team in the western conference, and the Bucks are still the best team in the eastern conference. The Lakers also lost to the Pacers, which are not so talented but play tough and can compete against anybody. Pierce thinks it’s not a good sign if a championship type team loses four in a row the way Lakers did.

“When the times get tough, the tough get rolling. That is the Lakers right now. We never saw a team that we are picking to it to the finals lose four in a row. “