Paul Pierce keeps it real on what it takes to make it to the NBA

Paul Pierce keeps it real on what it takes to make it to the NBA

NBA is one of the most competitive leagues in the world and almost every player that comes to the league is an extraordinary talent or a physical specimen. Some players possess both of these characteristics which helps them assert dominance but there are also other factors that have to come into place if a player wants to be successful in the NBA.

In an interview for the Breakfast Club, future HOF Paul Pierce talked about the hard work and dedication that is necessary if a certain basketball player needs to have if he wants to make it into the league, let alone be a successful player for several years. Pierce who was a multiple All-Star and an NBA champion said the level of competition is something regular people can’t even imagine.

“You can’t just go to the league, it’s not like that. You can’t just say you are going to the league. The league is real, it’s the best of the best.  You only have four hundred players out of millions and millions of players trying to enter the league. You probably have a hundred million kids talking about going to the league next year.  You don’t just go to the league, you gotta put in the work. It’s a process that you can’t skip.”

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