Paul Pierce explains why he hated the Boston Celtics and Larry Bird growing up

Paul Pierce explains why he hated the Boston Celtics and Larry Bird growing up

While hosting on the ESPN’s show Off the Clock, Paul Pierce and the rest of the crew discussed who were the teams they hated the most growing up. Pierce, who is the all-time leading scorer in Boston Celtics history, grew up hating the team he ended up playing for the majority of his NBA career.

According to Pierce, growing up in Inglewood, it was almost impossible not being a Lakers fan, which means you automatically disliked the Celtics. Pierce said he hated the Celtics alongside Larry Bird, who was their best player at that time. Looking back at it now, Pierce thinks it’s pretty ironic that he was drafted by the same team he couldn’t stand growing up.

“I was an avid basketball fan and growing up in Inglewood down the street from the Forum, I couldn’t stand the Celtics. I hated the Celtics so much. I hated Larry Bird, and I hated everything about the Celtics. It’s really ironic that I get drafted by the Celtics and play against the Lakers and win a championship against the Lakers — the irony through all of this. Growing up on the west coast, especially LA, you hate the Boston Celtics.”

Pierce also said there were inconvenient situations with his friends and family who were all big Lakers fans, and him going to Boston was something nobody expected.

“So when I got drafted by the Boston Celtics, my friends are like what do we do. All of my friends are from LA. It was so awkward.”

Like many other great players who spent the majority of their careers in Boston, Pierce says he now bleeds only green. Now over 20 years after he first started playing for the Celtics, he can’t stand the Lakers and is proud he won a championship against them back in 2008. He is also a big fan of all of the other major sports teams from Boston.

“Now I can’t stand the Lakers; I’m all Boston now. Celtics, Red Sox, and Patriots.”