Paul George has a message for the haters

Paul George has a message for the haters

He called himself Playoff P while having no playoff success. Said he wants to retire in Indiana, asked for a trade. Said he wants to retire in Oklahoma City, asked for a trade. Blamed the coach for not giving him pick and roll action, had the most pick and roll action in his career. Talked trash all year, hit the backboard twice in an elimination game – 10 points, 5 turnovers, and 4 fouls; shot 25% from the field, 18.2% for three on 16 shots. His only problem? Haters. 

The cognitive dissonance MVP is in the books, and it is Paul George. Playoff P just can’t get out of his way, and now that the full “All The Smoke” episode with him is released, there are more baffling takes from George. Matt Barnes asked him straight up, what can we expect next season. Playoff P looked straight into the camera and said his peace. 

“I’m ready; I’m back. I’m back with my trainer I had my MVP season. I get a summer to train, to work on my game going into a season. I’m locked in, as locked in as you can be. … I’m on motherfuc**** asses.”

Can someone let Paul George know he never won an MVP? He was probably referring to 18/19 when George finished third in MVP voting without a single first-place vote. A great regular season for sure, 28/8.2/4.1. 51% from the field, 30.7% from three. How did that season end, you ask? 

On one side, you have Giannis, a two-time MVP talking about LeBron being the best player in basketball, and MVP’s mean nothing until you have a ring on your finger. On the other side, you have Paul George, talking about his MVP season. Here’s how Matt Barnes explains PG’s level of delusion. 

He’s in his head right now; that’s what I took away from our interview. LA is not the place to do that; they’ll eat you alive. He has to show and prove. When you give excuses, they’ll eat you up. 

Matt Barnes, The Jump

Barnes nailed it on the head. Paul George has to stop with the interviews and excuses and let his game do the talking. He wrote a lot of checks, let’s see if they bounce. PG said he wants to retire a Clipper, and the contract he signed yesterday puts extra pressure to do that with a ring on his finger.