Paul George reveals the secret behind his great performances

Paul George reveals the secret behind his great performances

If you watched the past two Clippers games and someone asked you who on the court missed time with surgeries on both shoulders, Paul George wouldn’t be in the running for you pick. Given this was his second game back, George was out there for only 20 minutes, and in those 20, he posted 37 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals, and 1 block. When asked about his level of efficiency, especially with how long he’s been out, George had a simple explanation.

New shoulders. I mean I can’t say nothing else to that. I got new shoulders, and they haven’t been this healthy in a long time.

George’s been playing with shoulder issues for a long time, and this summer, he finally took care of both injuries and had a patient recovery. Part of the reason George and the Clippers were able to afford such a meticulous rehab program is that they had the time to do so. That is the advantage of having such a deep team – you can survive missing George on the court even in the Western Conference.

Most players would’ve been playing a few weeks already given his bill of health, but the Clippers had him playing competitive 3 on 3 and getting his shots in a lot before putting him out there. (they could also pick for his first few games to be against not so competitive teams). Alongside all that, Goerge gave credit to Doc Rivers for developing a system of play that fits his strengths:

Doc has put me in great positions to be aggressive and be in attack mode.”

George won’t be putting up these numbers against stronger opposition, but it’s was great to see him back in full force. Knock on wood Kawhi is 100% when playoffs come around the corner, and we see them battle for Los Angeles with LeBron and Davis.