Patrick Ewing is pissed off at MSG and the Knicks for their lousy treatment of him

Patrick Ewing is pissed off at MSG and the Knicks for their lousy treatment of him

New York Knicks legend Patrick Ewing held a press conference today where he talked about the disappointing treatment he received from the Knicks organization. Apparently, every time he came to MSG last season to watch the Knicks, the security and people working in the arena stopped him and asked him for some written approval that allows him to be there in the first place. Obviously, that type of treatment was very disappointing for Ewing, who was the main face of that franchise for 15 years when the Knicks were an actual powerhouse in the NBA.

I thought this was my building, and I feel terrible that I’m getting stopped, constantly asked for a pass, and everybody in this building should know the hell I am. I’m getting stopped, and I can’t move around the building. I’m like hell, is this Madison Square Garden. I might call mister Dolan and say, is it my number in the rafters or what?

Patrick Ewing

Throughout the ’90s, the Knicks led by Ewing were a constant playoff team that made it to the NBA finals twice. Unfortunately, they never won a championship, and Ewing is one of those legends that never won a ring despite being one of the best centers in the league at that time.

It also seems the Knicks management doesn’t have a lot of respect for their legendary players because similar situations happened to Charles Oakley and even their biggest fan Spike Lee. The Knicks fans base has been frustrated with their owner James Dolan for quite some time now and how he is treating their legendary players and the franchise in general. Luckily for the Knicks, they are playing exceptionally well this season; however, this type of treatment towards Ewing is pretty disappointing when you consider everything he did for that franchise throughout his career.