Patrick Ewing compares Stephen Curry to Michael Jordan

Patrick Ewing compares Stephen Curry to Michael Jordan

Love him or hate him, there is no denying Stephen Curry transcended the game of basketball with his style of play and unbelievable three-point shooting. It hugely affected the game, as almost every player today has at least tried to add the long shot to their arsenal because the way the game is played today requires you to.

 If we want to find the last player who had that effect on the league and young players coming up, it would have to be the great Michael Jordan. The GOAT did a similar thing in the 80s and 90s’ with his popularization of the sole game of basketball and dunking due to his graceful vertical and style that brought mass attention and popularity.

Even though Curry and Jordan’s play styles are vastly different, they have a common thing amongst each other in the fact they both had a significant impact on the development of the game of basketball and the NBA. Knicks legend Patrick Ewing seems to think so, as he spoke on the topic in an interview with Chris Mullin on NBC Sports Bay Area:

“Steph, like Michael, changed the game. You got guys shooting those deep shots and doing the things that he did. Michael changed it by all the dunking he was doing. Georgetown played [Davidson} and my son was on the team so I went to the game. He kicked our butt. I still didn’t think he would the player that he became. I take my hat off to him. He’s definitely a student of the game, he’s worked at his craft and he has those guys playing together as a team.”

Patrick Ewing, via NBC Sports

I definitely agree with Ewing, as both Curry and Jordan stand out as global icons and players that defined the era they played in. Curry is not in the GOAT conversation, but that doesn’t diminish the fact he is the reason the game is being played the way it is today, high pace and with a lot of outside shooting. The only question that remains is who is the next player that will revolutionize the game and in which way he will do it? I and the rest of the NBA fans can’t wait to see it.