Patrick Beverly’s top 5 moments in a Clippers jersey

Patrick Beverly’s top 5 moments in a Clippers jersey

Love him or hate him, but Patrick Beverley is Patrick Beverley. A lot of players pretend to be something they are not – with Patrick Beverly, it’s “what you see is what you get.”. His defense and tenacity made opposing fans hate him, and Los Angeles Clippers fans love him. He may have done borderline dirty and uncalled-for things, but that’s all a part of the Patrick Beverly experience. Here are the 5 moments we’ll remember his Clippers tenure by.

5. PatBev blocks LeBron James to seal the game for the Clippers

Beverley takes pride in taking defensive assignments of the opposing team’s top stars – that’s why he’s still in the league. His relentless energy intimidates other guards while using his quick hands and feet to either steal or draw charge from bigger players. In this case, Beverly was on LeBron in a crucial moment. Other guys wouldn’t risk sending James to the free-throw line, but Pat Bev knows how to play only one way – 100% every possession.

4. Beverley waves Damian Lillard goodbye after missing crucial free throws

The only thing Beverly is more known for than his defense is his trash talking. This incident just happened in the bubble season in Orlando. A clutch player and a career reliable free throw shooter, Dame had two chances to give back the lead to Portland with 18 seconds left in the game. Surprisingly, he missed both free throws, which caught everyone by surprise, including Beverley, who did not waste time to rub it in.  

Moments like this make Patrick public enemy number one for opposing teams. As for Dame, he viewed it as respect from the L.A. Clippers guard. PatBev knew moments like these don’t often happen, so he took advantage of it.

3. “The next five years are mine.”

In 2019, the defensive guard told rival Stephen Curry that the next five years would be his. Having lost so many games to the Warriors, Beverly felt the Clippers’ time has finally arrived. His take hasn’t aged well.

“You had the last five years,” Beverley told Curry, according to a source. “The next five years are mine.”

Unfortunately for Beverly and the Clippers, even if the Warriors had fallen atop the rankings due to injuries and Kevin Durant leaving the team, the Clippers still could not capitalize on it. They are still without a Conference Finals appearance, let alone a Finals one.

2. PatBev pushes CP3 after conference finals loss

The former Arkansas Razorbacks player displayed erratic behavior after shoving Chris Paul in a bitter loss with NBA finals at stake. Patrick got suspended for one game but admitted he was wrong and offered an apology in a tweet.

This incident may have triggered Clippers management to look for trading partners for Beverley. Incidents like these, with the outcome of the game already settled, do not help the team at all and instead serve as a distraction. CP3 fans and Clippers fans will forever remember this play as a perfect example of why the Chicago, Illinois native may not be the best role model when it comes to sportsmanship. 

1. PatBev gets Kevin Durant ejected

For Patrick, this was one of his specialties: taking the top players off their game. Getting into opponents’ heads and annoying them until they lose focus is the Beverly special. What he lacks in size and athleticism, Beverly compensates with energy and trash-talking. For him, it’s all about getting under your skin. In this game, he caught a big fish.