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Fact-Checking Policy

Basketball Network prioritizes delivering accurate information by applying a rigorous vetting process before every article is published on our site.

Our editorial team adheres to the writing standards expected from a publisher of our reach by drawing clear distinctions between confirmed information and gossip with no verified source — that also includes distinguishing between facts presented to our readers and personal opinions by each writer.

Basketball Network’s editors play a key role in ensuring the quality of every written piece on our site is of the highest standard. The content must be authentic, truthful, and resourceful while providing added value to our readers to go along with the article’s main topic.

To make sure every article is up to standard, we’ve implemented a series of phases each suggested topic is exposed to before it’s turned into an article.

That includes:

  • Verifying a source
  • Avoiding duplicated content
  • Establishing an added value for our consumers

Once the article is written, editors ensure that:

  • All the sources are properly cited
  • All the information in the article is correct
  • The content passes the plagiarism check
  • The content does not violate any legal framework
  • The featured image is properly credited
  • The article’s headline and subheadings are not misleading
  • The piece itself is overall well-written

To make sure every article is up to these standards, our editorial staff reads every written piece before it’s published on our website.

We are very rigorous about using trusted sources. Those include:

  • Verified social media profiles (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube)
  • Official announcements by teams or the NBA
  • Industry-leading individuals who provide breaking news
  • Official statistics provided by the NBA/Basketball Reference
  • Basketball related books

When citing an interview/podcast, we don’t change the original quote, nor do we include quotes without providing the context. Other sources that don’t serve the main point of the article — third-party published material — are also properly credited.

Everyone involved in the writing process understands the power of words. That’s why it’s of the utmost importance that every writer acts responsibly in order to create trustworthy content for our readers.