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Ethics policy

Basketball Network sets the highest standard of reporting and storytelling, free from political affiliation, and misinformation. In accordance with our mission and vision, we strive to create an inclusive and tolerant community for our employees, readers, and all other stakeholders.

Code of Ethics:

  • At Basketball Network, content standards are of the utmost importance. We do not promote or support hate speech or violence. Therefore, we expect our writers and editors to censor curse words or tone down violent action or speech, where appropriate.
  • At Basketball Network, our writers and editors are to follow the Guidelines presented to them at the beginning of their tenure. This includes practicing fact-checking, citing the exact quote, integrity of photographs, and avoiding anonymous sourcing unless warranted in special circumstances.
  • Employee safety is of utmost importance to us. We also observe and uphold the company’s policies against harassment.
  • At Basketball Network we have a strict confidentiality policy. Our employees are not to disclose or exploit any confidential information acquired at work.
  • Basketball Network has worked relentlessly to build its credibility and reputation as a sports news reporting website. Our employees must not do anything that will damage the reputation of Basketball Network.

Creating a safe and inspiring work environment is crucial to our success. Our employees are invited to freely address any issue they feel compelled to discuss. Nevertheless, abiding by the abovementioned rules and principles is mandatory, and failing to do so will result in disciplinary action.

Any sort of plagiarism is unacceptable. We apply the highest possible standards in properly quoting, referencing, and giving credit for others’ content with the emphasis on tracking down and giving credit to the original source. Our editorial staff uses industry-leading tools and standards to ensure no plagiarised content is published on our site. If a mistake is made, and we are made aware of it, Basketball Network will address it as soon as possible.

At all times, we strive to uphold the Intellectual Property rights held by others and shall appropriately use the fair-use exception granted to us in the Editorial hemisphere.

Independent reporting

Our editors and reporters will never accept payment from entities they publish content on. If they follow this rule and our ethical standards, our reporters are free to express any opinion they have, if done so in a respectful manner.

We advised all our employees that clickbait and similar practices are not welcome on our website and social media platforms. That being said, they are free to express themselves and their positions. This is a balance we establish daily and will always work on improving.