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Editorial Team Information

Basketball Network has been dedicated to bringing fans the best possible stories about the game of basketball since day 1. Our editorial team has grown over the years, continuing to learn and evolve, constantly updating our practices to give our fans and readers the best possible experience. 

Harry Volarevic

As the founder of Basketball Network, he’s in charge of strategic growth and business development for the brand. Harry has 10+ years of experience as a sales leader in the IT industry. It was back in 2012 when he started Basketball Network as a community on Facebook. Today, Basketball Network has evolved into a global team of 20 writers and content creators. Like most of his colleagues, he was involved with basketball from an early age, and went on to play in the United States on a full college scholarship. 

Will Starjacki

One of the founders of Basketball Network that once upon a time dreamed of becoming a professional basketball player but soon realized that it makes more sense to get a college degree and a regular job. Luckily for him he was able to turn his passion for basketball into a valid business after working in the Software Development industry for a few years. Living in Philadelphia while directly covering the Philadelphia Sixers and growing the Basketball Network brand is a once in a lifetime opportunity Will gladly accepted even though he grew up being a die-hard Los Angeles Lakers fan.   

Filip Trivic

The first person to join Basketball Network, Filip started as a part-time writer and made it all the way to Editor-in-Chief. Coming from an economics background, you’d think he’d be our numbers guy. But, his debate past took him down a different path - ranting about logical inconsistencies and double standards. When he’s not thinking about basketball, Filip is listening to one of (too) many podcasts he’s subscribed to while taking care of his vineyard. 

Stephen Beslic

The second person to join Basketball Network after a decade-long pursuit of a professional basketball career. Started his BN journey as a full-time writer; currently managing our video content. Just like Filip, Stephen also comes from an economics background. But unlike Filip, he was never involved in the world of debating. Except for basketball-related discussions, but those are now a part of the job.

Matthew Dugandzic

The last person to join the Basketball Network team, finally finding a way to make a living thanks to basketball despite not making the NBA. Like his colleagues, Matthew also comes from an Economics background, but basketball was always his #1 love. Matthew has been writing and making content for years, ever since he was a student working part-time. Nowadays, Matthew has expanded his role to a full-time writer that also helps out as a part-time editor and IG editor.