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Corrections Policy

Here at Basketball Network, we take extreme care of providing factually correct information to our readership through all of the content that is published on our website. However, mistakes do happen and in that case, we have a system in place that makes sure all the mistakes are properly corrected in a timely manner by our editorial staff. All of the errors, in that case, are updated on our website and our social media channels where we share a lot of our online content. 

Readers that see a mistake in one of our publications can easily contact our editorial staff at where one of our staff members is responsible for reviewing the request and applying the necessary changes if needed. 

All of the factual errors must be corrected in a timely manner even if the actual subject hasn't requested these changes. It's the duty of the editor that is in charge to carefully assess the sources and implement the necessary changes.

The Process

In our Editorial team, we have a system in place that effectively makes the necessary changes as soon as they are reported. The Editor in charge at that specific time has a short-time period to make changes to the specific article and notify the author of the text that their article is updated. At Basketball Network we value credibility and our reputation is of utmost importance so providing valuable, accurate, and useful facts is the cornerstone of our identity and who we are as a publication.