Oscar Schmidt hopes Luka Dončić will break his 33-year-old record

Oscar Schmidt hopes Luka Dončić will break his 33-year-old record

From the start to the finish of the game, Luka Dončić had a big smile on his face in his Olympic debut against Argentina. Dallas Mavericks superstar played with such ease, and at moments it looked like he ridiculed his opponents. But he wouldn’t do that on purpose; Luka is just too good, like from another planet good. The way his career is evolving, who would bet against him? Who is so confident in saying that he will not end up one day among the best who ever touched the basketball? Luka is magnificent, and on his first Olympic game, he showed why. ‘Hello Olympics, Luka has arrived.’

If he wanted to play the entire fourth quarter, there was a high probability he would’ve broken a historical record of 55 points in one Olympic game. Brazilian Oscar Schmidt racked up 55 in 1988 in Seul against the Spain national team, and since then, no one came close.

And now Luka scored 48 points in just 31 minutes. He opened the game with three straight three-pointers, and that’s when the magic started. Even Schmidt hopes Dončić will break his 33-year-old record.

“I’m hoping Dončić beats my record, I’m a Luka fan,”

Oscar Schmidt, via Brazilian Basketball Federation

It will be quite a challenge to surpass Schmidt, but Luka showcased he can definitely put himself in the opportunity to beat that record. If he continues playing like that, he may become a new all-time Olympic record holder in Tokyo. Dončić will have his next opportunity against Japan, and the Japanese players aren’t even close to Argentina’s level. So if he starts the game like the one before, who knows, maybe we’ll witness yet another remarkable milestone from the Slovenian guard. For now, Luka holds the record for most points scored by a European player.

And one other thing he showed is that it doesn’t matter to him where he plays – NBA, Europe because he’ll bring his A-game. It’s that wow effect that this Slovenian prodigy transmits on people who watch him play. The way he scores, finds empty pockets of space on the court, and how he controls the game at his own pace is just brilliant. Dallas fans have a privilege to see this guy play in front of them. Let’s just hope he will get some help this offseason, so he gets a legitimate shot at winning a championship. His talent deserves it.