Options thinning for Kyrie Irving as Steve Nash plans to stop talking about him

Options thinning for Kyrie Irving as Steve Nash plans to stop talking about him

The world is getting smaller for Kyrie Irving as head coach Steve Nash admits he plans to stop talking about his prized point guard.

Steve Nash didn’t watch Kyrie’s IG live

It looks like head coach Steve Nash is done and has already distanced himself from Kyrie Irving. In an interview, when asked about his opinions on his point guard’s vaccination hesitancy and parts of his reasoning aired live on Kyrie’s Instagram, he revealed a straightforward answer:

“I didnt really listen to it. And I think I’ve pretty much said everything I have to say about it. If something changes, we can talk about it; but I really want to focus on moving forward and our group and solutions to the challenge ahead of us.”

Steve nash, via First Take

The allies of Irving are slowly diminishing every day. Aside from his head coach, the Brooklyn Nets owner, and general manager have issued their stand on the matter: No player will be allowed to practice or play with the team with part-time availability. With the pressure mounting on him to change his stance, Kyrie tried to explain his side during his IG live

“If you choose to get a vaccine, I support you. If you choose to be unvaccinated, I support you. Do what’s best for you. But that doesn’t mean going around, start judging people for what they’re doing with their lives.”

Kyrie Irving, via IG Live

Kyrie Irving’s options getting fewer

Irving mentioned that he is not considering retiring from the game. Other teams are also balking at the idea of surrendering their assets to get Irving and unburden the Nets of their problem. Brooklyn’s city policies, the management, and the coach are also ready to move on without Irving as they can still win the title with only Kevin Durant and James Harden leading the attack. What options does Irving have to end the dilemma?

He could get vaccinated or request a trade and pledge his willingness to come in and play games for any team that signs him. He can sit out the season or try to play in other leagues abroad. The dilemma now has come to the point of no return, and both parties are unwilling to give in. Kyrie loses a vast deal of his contract, but his dignity remains intact. The Nets lose their star player but are still favorites to win the title. There’s still time for Irving to change his mind. He could only solve the problem, and he should have made it sooner before all the other options are closed.