Only one sentence: Why you shouldn’t wear Air Jordan’s while talking trash to MJ

Only one sentence: Why you shouldn’t wear Air Jordan’s while talking trash to MJ

Some would say that trash-talking is a lost art in today’s NBA. Some of it is because the league doesn’t tolerate it to the extent that it used to, but it also seems that the newer generation of NBA players doesn’t use trash talk as a part of their on-court weaponry. There’s something special about making a play and talking smack while running to the opposite side of the court. It makes the game much more intense and generates some of the most epic battles and stories.

One of those stories involved former NBA players and today’s FOX Sport’s NBA analyst Jim Jackson and Michael Jordan, who many consider being one of the best trash-talkers the league has ever seen. This one took place in Chicago in 97. Jim Jackson was playing for the Nets, and they came to the Windy City following their massive win over the Bulls two weeks prior.

According to Jackson’s teammate Kendall Gill, Jackson was “in the zone” and had outscored Jordan before halftime, which encouraged him to start talking trash. As the game went on, Jackson continued with trash-talking to MJ, or as Gill said, “Jimmy continued to talk Mess to Superman. Now you can’t do that.” As it turned out, Gill was right. Jordan destroyed Jackson with one sentence.

“You know, you’re talking a lot of stuff to have my shoes on.”

Michael Jordan

That one ended the whole trash-talking battle between MJ and Jackson. The Bulls ended up winning the game, and even though Jackson outscored Jordan 33 to 21, MJ won the matchup with just a few words. That was a power of number 23. When he was dominant on the court, he made sure that you hear about it. And even if he got outplayed on the court, he could destroy players just by saying something like that. I mean, he used his multi-million dollar worth brand against Jackson. There is no comeback to that.