One Of The Unlikeliest Halfcourt Buzzer-Beaters Ever

One Of The Unlikeliest Halfcourt Buzzer-Beaters Ever

On March 26, 2007, the Detroit Pistons were hosting the Denver Nuggets, as Detroit was down 98-95 to Denver as the Nuggets were inbounding from their side of the court. It all appeared to be lost for Detroit as all Denver needed to do was inbound and watch the rest of the clock tick away.

All they needed to not do was let the ball slip into the hands of a man who spent basically all his free time practicing trick shots and long-distance heaves. Carmelo Anthony mishandled the inbound, leaving Wallace exactly enough time to wheel around in one motion and tie the game at the buzzer.

With only two seconds left, not much could have been done unless the Nuggets somehow managed to turn the ball over into the waiting hands of Rasheed Wallace and that was exactly what happened. He quickly launched the ball from 3/4s of the court away, and somehow make it in the allowed time.

He made sure everyone knew it was no big deal: “We shoot those all the time before the game,” Wallace said. “This one went in, but it isn’t like it won a championship or anything.”

George Karl, who called the timeout preceding the shot, tried so hard not to sound mad while shifting blame to his players:  “You could give him a hundred and he wouldn’t make one, but he made one,” he said. “I personally would have liked the ball to be thrown more toward the rim or the corner, but you can’t criticize a lucky shot. That was a lucky shot.”

He hit another big three in overtime to secure a Detroit victory, as the Pistons would go on to win the game in overtime 113-109.