On this date in 2000, a starting frontcourt of three seven-footers dominated the All-Star game

On this date exactly 20 years ago, a starting frontcourt of three seven-footers combined for 70 points and 33 rebounds. Shaq, Duncan, and Garnett were too big and too good that game, which also featured a lot of great plays on both ends of the floor. Even though the players were competing hard throughout the game, there were numerous brilliant dunks, blocks, assists, and shots.

The game was played at The Arena in Oakland, and the West won 137-126 after numerous challenges from the East to potentially steal a win. Phil Jackson coached the West, and Jeff Van Gundy coached the East. Duncan and Shaq shared MVP honors despite the fact Garnett had better stats after the game than Shaq.

Young Tim Duncan was incredibly dominant, scoring 24 points and grabbing 14 rebounds. At the end of the game, he even posterized Alonzo Mourning. Shaq finished the game with 22 points and nine rebounds, and Garnett was also fantastic with 24 points, ten rebounds, and five assists. Allen Iverson was the leading scorer for the eastern conference with 26 points and nine assists.

The game was electrifying with a lot of great moves from the younger group of players. They were the up and coming stars in the league at that time. It’s also worth mentioning Vince Carter, who is still playing in the NBA today, put on a show that All-Star weekend, and that was two decades ago. The game also featured a young Kobe Bryant, prime Grant Hill, Allen Iverson, and many other legendary players having fun.