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Throwback to when Michael Jordan put his sneakers back on, subbed into the game, and proved he's the GOAT.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan has proved time and time again why you should never talk trash to him. Many have tried and regretted it. But there was always that young guy on the block ready to test Mike.

Back in 1995, when MJ was getting ready to return to the league, he used to organize countless pickup games with NBA All-Stars in order to get back in playing shape. However, All-Star caliber players weren't available all the time, so Mike had to improvise.

During the same time, MJ was shooting the movie Space Jam and was spending a lot of time in California. He once called up Magic Johnson and asked him if he knows any current and former UCLA players. Magic then reached out to former Bruin, Darrick Martin, and a couple of other UCLA guys to come and hoop with Jordan.

We come on; it's 6-6 going to 7. I come down on a break, on the wing, and go with a hands up move, like I'm going to shoot, Michael Jumps up, I go by and lay up to win the game. I commence to talk the best trash ever against him.

Darrick Martin, via Aaron Ross

Michael, you get out of my town; you are not even the real MJ. My man Magic is the real MJ.

Darrick Martin, via Aaron Ross

Later that year, the Chicago Bulls played against the Vancouver Grizzlies. Darrick Martin played for the Grizzlies along with Bryant Reeves, aka. Big Country, and Byron Scott, among others. The Bulls were on a 13-day road trip and pretty exhausted, about to face the Grizzlies in their last away game on the trip.

Nothing was working for Chicago from the get-go, and the Grizzlies were having a great night. Important to note — this was the year the Bulls finished with a 72-10 record. Anyhow, MJ had scored only 10 points in the first three quarters, and the Bulls were losing by double digits.

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Phil then decided to take Michael out because the game was not worth it anymore. They were about to lose, and there was no need for MJ to play in such an insignificant game. MJ sat on the bench and took off his sneakers; he was done for the night.

A few minutes later, Darrick Martin did the unfathomable. He scored, got fouled, and made the and one, after which he walked by the Bulls bench and told Michael:

Told you we're gonna whoop your ass tonight.

Darrick Martin, via Aaron Ross

Phil Jackson looked up at Michael and asked him:

What do you wanna do?

Darrick Martin, via Aaron Ross

Michael put his sneakers back on and subbed into the game. And then classic MJ happened, he took the game over and proceeded to torch the Grizzlies by scoring 19 points in the fourth quarter to win the game for the Bulls comfortably. After the game, he went up to Martin and said:

Shut up, you little bit**!

Darrick Martin, via Aaron Ross

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