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When Shaq went undercover and pulled over Darius Miles so he'd be late for practice


Shaq had some aggression issues as a kid (reminder: Shaq was 6'8'' at 13), and after getting into a fight as a teenager, he realized most people probably wouldn't come out of a fight with him alive. That moment made him change, and The Big Diesel became the most gigantic clown and prankster on Earth. Always in the mood to make everyone laugh, never too tired to set up a prank. Even better if you prank a Clipper while playing for the Lakers.

Darius Miles wrote an essay for The Players Tribune and described his NBA experience. In one of the stories, Miles was late for practice and was flying down the 405. Suddenly, there were lights in his rearview mirror. An unmarked police truck with tinted windows was pulling him over. Miles knew he was in the wrong, speeding to practice, so he immediately started grabbing his papers to get the situation over with and get to practice.

… Then I hear this voice. Big, booming voice.
I’m like, Damn, they got the sergeant on me or something?
I turn to look out the window, and I can’t even see this dude’s face he’s so big. All I see is his chest.
Then he bends down and looks in the window.
Big, dumbass grin on his face.
It’s Shaq.

Darius Miles, The Player's Tribune

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Miles started yelling at Shaq that he was late for practice. Shaq didn't flinch. He tapped the side of Miles' truck, turned around, and told him he would cover his fine for being late for practice. Shaq got back in his car, waved to Miles, and drove off with a big smile on his face.

Pranking a guy is one thing, but impersonating an office is another. Shaq felt comfortable doing this for two reasons. First of all, he's Shaq, and it was L.A. Secondly, Shaq is a deputy/reserve police officer in several jurisdictions across the country: Broward County, FloridaClayton County, GeorgiaLos Angeles, CA. O'Neil has a lot of respect for law enforcement and a close relationship with that community. 

When asked about this particular prank, Shaq said he could not confirm nor deny this allegation on the grounds that it may incriminate him since he was supposed to be practicing too.

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