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When Rodman blocked Abdul-Jabbar twice on one possession

Dennis Rodman made NBA history establishing himself as one of the greatest rebounders of All-Time

The 1988 NBA Finals between Los Angeles Lakers and Detroit Pistons is considered as one of the best in the history of the league. After seven games and numerous great duels, the Lakers managed to get the title, and from this Finals series, there are many details that are famous and people are still talking about them. This time we recall one situation from game 6 and the double rejection of Dennis Rodman on Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. In June 1988, Lakers defeated Pistons with 103:102 in the sixth game of the NBA Finals in their "Forum" and thus postponed the decision who will be the new champion for the game 7.

Isiah Thomas had 43 points, but it did not help Pistons, as well as the great defense by which they were known, in which Dennis Rodman was pointed out among others. The "Worm" played great defensively, especially on the Lakers center Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and it could be seen the best in one offensive attack of the Lakers in the second half.

The hosts quickly exchanged several additions, and then Michael Thompson found Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who was in a position from which it seemed that there was no chance not to score. Kareem raised the ball up and moved it easily into the basket but at that moment Dennis Rodman appeared and blocked him. The ball got back into the hands of Jabbar, who moved again to the basket, but Rodzilla was waiting for him and gave him another ramp in a few seconds. Home fans were in a mild shock, due to the fact that Rodman managed to block twice on one possession the legendary center that is higher than him 17 centimeters.

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In the 1988 NBA Finals, Dennis Rodman stopped defensively not only Jabbar, but at individual points also Magic Johnson, and that showed what defensive "beast" he was. As far as Rodman is concerned, his defensive play in the 1988 Finals was only an announcement for the next season, when Dennis further improved his defense and found himself in the best defensive five of the league, and also helped Pistons to reach the first championship title.


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