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When Nick Young impersonated Kobe Bryant in an interview — "The Mamba...we slither through things. We don’t have bones”

Young put on a show by impersonating Kobe in an interview, and gave the right answer to a sensitive question - “Is Nick better than you?”
Los Angeles Lakers guards Kobe Bryant and Nick Young

Kobe Bryant and Nick Young

Nick Young is definitely one of the most hilarious characters who has graced the NBA. His antics on and off the court have given fans a ton of entertainment. His funniest stunt may be the time when he impersonated the great Kobe Bryant in an interview.

Nick “The Black Mamba” Young

Reporters were on the lookout for Bryant, who had been recovering from a knee injury. When they failed to get a hold of him, Young enthusiastically slipped into character the Black Mamba character. He was more than happy to answer their questions.

Question: Do you feel like you're the greatest of all time?

Nick Young (as Kobe Bryant): Yeah, of course. You know, I did so much in this game. You know 30,000 points. I'm on my way to 31. Five rings. Yeah, 18 years. I'm the greatest. What can I say?

Q: Kobe, does it hurt your fractured knee when I hit it?

Nick Young (as Kobe Bryant): The Mamba...we slither through things, you know. We don't have bones. What else can I say?

Young’s impersonation wasn’t exactly Oscar’s-worthy. But we have to give him props for sporting the Kobe mini-afro. And, of course, the hilarious answers that only Young knows how to concoct.

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GOAT potential

The reporters rode along with Young’s antics. It was inevitable that they’d turn the tables on Young by fielding a question about him. But you cannot beat Young in his own game. He still gave a good set of answers.

Q: Hey Kobe, what do you think of Nick Young?

Nick Young (as Kobe Bryant): He has a lot of potential. I'll work with him. He'll be one of the great ones.

Q: Is Nick better than you?

Nick Young (as Kobe Bryant): Not in this lifetime.

Much evidence has to be gathered to determine how close Young was to Kobe. Did he have a relationship as Pau Gasol or Shaquille O’Neal did? Did Kobe take him under his wing like Jordan Clarkson?

Whatever the case may be, there’s no denying Young was one of the few ones who stood his ground against the Black Mamba. The clip below from an infamous Lakers practice session is good proof of this. While Kobe was calling his teammates soft as hell, Young didn’t bite his tongue. He continuously barked at the Black Mamba. Only a few had the courage to do so.


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