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"My kidney, my kidney!" — When Kenyon Martin poked fun at Alonzo Mourning's disease

Kenyon Martin was willing to throw fists after seeing Alonzo Mourning's subpar fighting skills against Larry Johnson.
Kenyon Martin and Alonzo Mourning

Kenyon Martin and Alonzo Mourning

It’s not uncommon for teammates to get into a little feud from time to time. NBA players have this immense desire to win, and sometimes, emotions get the best of them. This is what happened inside the New Jersey Nets locker room in 2003 between Kenyon Martin and Alonzo Mourning. Things got so heated that Martin went all out in his verbal assault on Mourning.

Kidney disease

After two consecutive losses in the NBA Finals, the Nets were still determined to snag one on the third attempt. To aid in this cause, they added shot-blocking king Alonzo Mourning into the fold.

Things didn’t pan out well from the get-go. Mourning was frustrated at the Nets’ start. So much so that he dissed Kenyon Martin, who was nursing an ankle injury at the time. As related by the New York Times, Martin didn’t take Mourning’s diss lightly:

”At least I’m out there on the court, not in the training room. I’m trying to make the best of my time.” Mourning told Martin.

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”You can’t be a leader in the trainer’s room crying, ‘My ankle, my ankle,’ ” Mourning added, referring to the sprained ankle that sidelined Martin for five games. Martin responded by mocking Mourning, muttering, ”My kidney, my kidney.”

Reports reveal that fists were almost thrown between Mourning and Martin. Fortunately, the two didn’t have to become teammates for an extended period. Mourning’s kidney disease returned, and he had to bid farewell from the game.

Kenyon Martin looks back

Martin revisited the infamous feud. According to him, he was willing to brawl with Mourning, but nothing actually happened. Martin was confident he could take on the bigger Mourning. K-Mart wasn’t impressed with Mourning’s fighting abilities after seeing his bout with Larry Johnson in the 90s.

“There weren’t any punches thrown! When he got mad and acted like he wanted to do something, I told them to let him go – I’ve seen your fight with Larry Johnson, I’ll wear you out here.” Martin said.

Mourning was able to come back healthy from his kidney disease less than a year later. He signed his old team, the Miami Heat, where he was a solid backup center to Shaquille O’Neal. From the looks of it, Mourning had the last laugh as he retired with one NBA Championship on his finger. Martin was traded to Denver Nuggets after the incident. He had a decent stint there. But his career was marred by injuries up until he retired in 2015. 

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