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“We'd go 82-0” — Allen Iverson names the only two players he needed to become unbeatable

Iverson was brimming with confidence with his lineup that he even jokingly implied that their trio wouldn’t need a scoring backcourt, telling the interviewer, “even with you in the backcourt.”
Philadelphia 76ers guard Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson

Winning a championship in the NBA is arguably the toughest challenge a basketball player could ever face. And that’s why the list of NBA stars who never won a single title is so long. Somewhere on the top of that list is where we can find the name of Allen Iverson.

The Answer only needed 2

Over the years, we’ve seen that it’s the best teams, not the best player, that often gets the job done. So it has become a must for every franchise to stack their roster with a handful of star players. Thus, the so-called “super teams” emerged.

But Iverson, who led an entire Philadelphia 76ers squad to the NBA Finals as the lone superstar of the team in 2001, needed no super teams to win the chip.

According to “The Answer,” just put Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neal in there with him, and they would be unbeatable.

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Iverson was brimming with confidence with his lineup that he even jokingly implied that their trio wouldn’t need a scoring backcourt, telling the interviewer, “even with you in the backcourt.

Shaq and MJ feel AI too

Indeed, Iverson’s selection was indestructible; Sadly, there was no chance he would wound up joining forces with O’Neal and Jordan during his playing years as the league simply didn’t work that way back then. On top of that, Shaq and MJ were once his fiercest rivals.

But even though Shaq and Jordan never teamed up with Iverson, the beautiful thing about it was that the admiration wasn’t one-way as the pair also acknowledged how exceptional of a player AI was.

I gotta go with AI [as one of my top 5 team] because he was fearless My thing was,” Shaq said of Iverson. “Every little guy that came in there, I’m gonna touch him up. He was the only, besides Gary that kept coming back.

Jordan, on the other hand, once said, “between Allen Iverson and myself. You never know, if we play 1-on-1 again, I think he could beat me on the perimeter, but I could take him on the post.

Iverson’s claim sure is a debate starter. But one thing we can’t deny is that AI, Shaq, and MJ all dominated their competition. And though it’s hard to declare that together, they would go 82-0, that lineup would definitely be a one heck of a trio.

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